Does your IT guy not get back to you in a timely fashion?  


Or do you have that feeling that you are being over-billed at the end of the month?


MRCT guarantees our work.  We will fix your issues in a timely manner and we educate our customers so they understand how the issue was resolved and what you can do in the future to avoid it from happening again.

We only service Small Businesses. Because of that we understand your specific needs, and limitations, plus we are a small business as well.

We can help you solve everyday issues quickly and prevent them from happening again as well as work with you to set up the network that fits your needs.


This is some of the things we can help with:

Set up and install

  •         Computers
  •         Networking and data
  •         3rd party programs
  •         Email systems


  •         Updates
  •         Data backup
  •         Online security
  •         Virus removals


  •         Person to person phone calls
  •         Scheduled preventative maintenance
  •         Remote access


  •         Parts repair
  •         Data recovery


Call us for a free consultation 719-362-0710 (we guarantee our work)


Michael Clark has been RMK Design Associates, Inc. computer support person for over ten years.  When his former employer sold the company, RMK Design made the decision quickly to return to Michael once he stared his new company, MRC Technology, LLC.  He knos our computer system inside and out and whenever a problem arises is able to correct that problem quickly and efficiently, via remote connection or in person, to keep our business running smoothly.

MRC Technology, LLC is a full service computer support company who hosts our website, provides email security for spam filtering, handles our domain name renewal, performs quarterly maintenance on our server and makes sure our backup system is running up to speed.

MRC Technology, LLC takes the stress out of our daily computer lives!

Randal Kiemnec, President

RMK design associates inc